The School Computer Program is fully funded! 
Thank you to everyone who supported this need!

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Your Gift Can Make Double the Difference
in the Education of a Vulnerable Child

The James E. Davis School needs 60 computers that will help our youths successfully transition to independence, giving them the best chance to break negative cycles, become productive members of society, and build joyful lives. 

The Foundation needs to raise money to purchase 60 Chromebooks at the cost of $600 each.

Here’s the really good news:
The Foundation has received an exciting $7,500 challenge match from the Zionsville Optimist Club. The impact of your gift will be doubled if you are one of the first to respond to this challenge.  

The school’s current laptops are four years old and no longer under warranty. Frequent breakages and repairs have become cost prohibitive. It is time to invest in new technology that will set our youth up for long-term success.

The school serves roughly 50 students at any given time. All students are placed in our care by Indiana Department of Child Services, county courts, or Indiana Department of Correction. Many youths have lived through significant trauma and arrive three to four grade levels behind their peers. A 17-year-old girl recently arrived at the Home with only 15 credits earned, giving her sophomore standing, rather than the senior standing expected at this age. Small class sizes, specialized teaching methods, and modern technology help motivate teens to focus, catch up, graduate, and begin postsecondary education.

High-quality functional electronic devices unlock possibilities for our youth. In school, students use their laptops to engage in literacy and STEM activities assigned by their teachers. One class uses laptops to teach computer coding, exposing students to a high-paying and in-demand career option. Students also use the laptops to take specialized online courses not offered at the school and complete research for their senior capstone project, which is required to graduate. Students with specific diagnoses and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) use special features such as voice assistance to help with communication and comprehension. Outside school, youth use their laptops to research higher education and career opportunities. In our Independent Living Learning Lab, older youth use their laptops to learn critical life skills like wise money management. Without these devices, our youth would fall even farther behind their peers.

Each student is given a laptop for the duration of their time at the Home. Students are responsible for caring for their laptop and are allowed to transport the devices between school and their Teaching-Family Home where they live and sleep. By taking responsibility for their electronic devices, students learn independence and build confidence. These machines are critical for giving our youth the best opportunities to thrive and achieve permanency.

School administrators have thoughtfully chosen the IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebooks as the ideal electronic device for our students. The Chromebooks selected come with a full four-year warranty that protects against any kind of damage for longevity. Of utmost importance, Chromebooks pair well with the school’s safety management software, which allows administrators to monitor what students are looking at in real time. Administrators can block or grant access to websites, as needed. Having technology that supports robust safety features is especially important for the population we serve, as it allows administrators to protect youth from dangerous backgrounds such as gang involvement and sex work.

The Home is serving children with more complex and traumatic backgrounds than ever before. Simple interventions, like providing quality technology, are logical to help students overcome difficult pasts and achieve success. By addressing technology needs, we can give youth knowledge, experience, and confidence to engage in learning. Laptops in the hands of students who need them most offer a chance to break harmful cycles, achieve goals, and build a happy and independent life.