Counseling Services

Each resident is assigned a therapist who provides clinical services such as individual, group and/or family counseling. They work with the child, family, placing agency and other staff on the treatment team to facilitate positive change and smooth transition within the child.

Specialized treatment groups are developed based on the needs of the current youth in placement. Examples may include: substance abuse education, trauma recovery, children of addicted parents, children of incarcerated parents, grief, independent living skills and anger management.

Psychiatric /Psychologist Services

The Home utilizes a Consulting Advance Practice Nurse/Clinical Nurse Specialist and outside psychological services. They interview the resident in placement to evaluate their emotional and intellectual functioning, assess progress and offer information and recommendations regarding treatment to the counseling team. Medications may be prescribed.

Placing agencies and parents are notified for permission prior to placing a resident on psychotropic medication.

Art Therapy

The Home has a new art therapy program to help alleviate some of their stress and helps to improve their overall mental health.

The art sessions consist of small groups of six, meeting weekly for one year. During art therapy, IUMCH therapists introduce a goal, and the students complete an art directive
followed by a discussion where they share their takeaways from the session. The mode of expression could include a torn paper collage or exploring emotions through simple line drawings. For example, during one of the sessions, students in art therapy were asked to draw a trash can. The intent was to help them “throw away” things that they waste their time on, followed by a discussion.