Our Students Learn and Thrive in Our School

“I love going to the James E. Davis School. The teachers make learning fun, and they make me feel like I am learning something. What I like best about the school is that the classroom sizes are small, and I can work at my own pace. I also like that the teachers work with me one-on-one.”


“My Family Teachers at the Children’s Home and my aunt made a world of difference since I hardly had any family support. I feel like my Family Teachers had my back even after I left the Home and went to high school. Now, I live on my own, I work at a restaurant and make mostly A’s in my classes. It helps to have supportive people behind you – like the people at the Children’s Home.”

Chyna Gates

“June 2, 2000, was the day I graduated from high school. It was the best and worst day of my life. I was excited to graduate but extremely sad to leave a place I called home which was the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home. Today, I have three children, a good job and want to thank the Home for being my safe haven for six years.”

Ben Lilly

“My life was dramatically changed at the Home. I learned so many life skills while at the Home. Although it broke by heart to leave the Home, I’m so glad I had four years of heaven there. I learned an important lesson from my therapist there…she said to always try to make a decent living and be self-sufficient. I will always be grateful to the Children’s Home. It changed my life forever.”

Brenda Hussein