Group Homes Specializing in Independent Living Skills for Older Youth

This program focuses on Independent Living Skills Development and includes: teaching and guidance with money management, employment, time management, post-secondary education and career prep, positive socialization with peers and adults, and safe decision making. Youth will have an opportunity to finish high school or complete high school equivalency at the accredited on-grounds school or can be transported to and from post-secondary education at vocational training or colleges in the surrounding area.

Working Hard to Serve Youth

Clients best suited for this program include: youth with behavioral, emotional, and/or non-addictive substance abuse issues who are ready for a higher level of independence while still in need of social skills and independent living skills; older youth preparing for transition into independent living after completion of placement or after ending services with Department of Child Services and/or probation; youth in need of a structured host home while in Collaborative Care and awaiting approval for independent living or youth awaiting transition to Collaborative Care after a permanency plan of APPLA (Another Planned Placement Living Arrangement) has been identified.

Post Secondary Scholarships

The Foundation Scholarships have been graciously funded by friends of the Children’s Home to support current and past residents of IUMCH in their pursuits to improve their career prospects through postsecondary vocational or academic education.  Since the establishment of the scholarship opportunities in 2019, we have awarded out numerous scholarships to aid in post-secondary adventures.

If you are a past resident who was successfully discharged and would like to apply for an academic scholarship, please email