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The promise of a new school year reminds us
to celebrate the academic successes of our youths.  

And we ask:  What would have happened to Sammi if she had not come to our Children’s Home?

Sammi, one of our May graduates, is on her way to college to study criminology. “I have always been interested in social justice. Everyone deserves fairness,” Sammi told us.

Sammi’s career motivation comes from overcoming her difficulties from past experiences of trauma and substance use disorder.  She endured neglect and horrific abuse from a very young age, and at age 12 lost her mother to a drug overdose. Her behavior escalated from running away, to drug use and other risky behaviors.  When she was finally placed at the Children’s Home, Sammi’s amazing resilience was evident as she learned to feel safe and began to heal.  She has not engaged in self-harming behavior in more than a year and has stayed focused on her education and treatment.  She gives credit to the Teaching-Family staff at one of our girls’ family-style homes.

My Family Teachers have been so supportive,” Sammi said, when asked about her success.  “When you have good people behind you, good things can happen in your life! And…I am an example of that!”

Sammi is described by her teachers as a smart and devout student who works hard and presents herself with “levelheadedness and grace”.  They are proud of her accomplishments and tell us she is ready for college.

“The biggest challenge for me now is becoming an adult,” Sammi confessed. She participates in our independent living curriculum and now works several hours a week at a local business.   Under the guidance of her Family Teachers, she is saving money for college. She has received several scholarships, including one from the Home’s Foundation.  “All of these scholarships have made it possible for me to go to a four-year college. I am counting the days until I move into the dorm and start my classes. Dreams can come true when you follow the rules and follow the advice of the staff.”

That’s our mission.

Often youths arrive on our campus far behind their peers in the number of school credits they have earned. Some haven’t previously felt safe, so didn’t get a good night’s sleep to be ready to learn. Most didn’t have study skills or confidence in their own abilities. Our teachers help them catch up, so our youths realize they can learn. Their mental health improves, and they begin to thrive and plan for their future, knowing they will graduate. Many proudly tell us they are the first person in their family to graduate from high school. Some confess they previously didn’t even think they could learn.

And that’s why we ask you to join us in celebrating!

Thanks to your prayers and support, we celebrate miracles every day on our campus in Lebanon. With God’s grace, skilled intervention of our staff and intense academic support in our school, our kids make academic progress, heal from their trauma and begin to make plans for their own independence and happiness.

PS:  Sammi’s education and mental health needs are being met with the highly-skilled care of our staff.  Without academic success and the opportunity to plan for a future of independence, it is difficult to imagine what would become of youths like Sammi.

Thank you for celebrating Sammi’s success.  Please make a gift today!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope for the future.”    ~~ Jeremiah 29:1