Ben’s Independent Living Fund Offers Abused Youth Opportunity for Success and Independence

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The day I graduated from high school, June 2, 2000, was the best and worst day of my life.

I was excited to graduate, but extremely sad to leave a place I called home, the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home. You see, I had just turned 18 and was unable to stay any longer at the Home. I moved back to my hometown to begin my adult life. I had no support or guidance. In trying to find my way, I worked two jobs, but barely had two nickels to my name. I ended up homeless in less than a year. I vowed to make a better life for myself. Today, I am a devoted father of three, I have a successful career and am a philanthropist.

Now, I want to pay it forward. I want to help bridge the gap for future children like myself.

Will you help me create a fund to give today’s youth their greatest opportunity for success when they leave the loving care of the Children’s Home? I want to make the road to independence and happiness easier for today’s Children’s Home graduates.

Will you please consider joining me in a very personal project?

Resident Ben Lilly’s graduation from LHS 06/02/00

I have personally pledged $10,000 to pay it forward. Together, we can reach my goal of creating an Independent Living Fund of $100,000, so that forevermore, kids like me who need support when they leave the loving care of the Children’s Home will have their best chance at happiness and independence.

An endowed fund to help youth as they are successfully discharged from the Home’s care.

The earnings from Ben’s Independent Living Fund will be granted to youth leaving the care of the Home who have successfully completed the Adult Prep 101 curriculum. The overall strategy is that all youth enrolled in the new Independent Living program will develop an attainable career plan and an independent living plan before they are discharged from the Home. These graduates will be encouraged to apply for grants from the NEW endowed Ben’s Independent Living Fund for needs to help them get started in live. Some examples of needs that could be met by earnings from the new endowed fund, include: down payment on an apartment, help with transportation, funds for work uniform or interview clothing, essential household needs, etc.

I hope you will join me. Thank you for considering making a gift to help, even save the life, of a kid like me.


Resident Ben Lilly’s graduation from LHS 06/02/00

Back left to right: Leo Flannelly, Program Supervisor, Brian Kavanaugh, Activities Leader, Duane Horstman, Christian Educator Leaders.

Front left to right: Sherry Hall, SR CCW, Graduate Ben Lilly, and Susan Michnay, Social Worker.

Ben Lilly

2000 Graduate of the Children’s Home

PS: Click below to listen to why this fund means so much to me!

Episode 3: Ben’s Independent Living Fund Offers Abused Youth Opportunity for Success and Independence

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