School Resources

The Teaching Procedures are five teaching methods used by teachers to encourage and motivate youths to learn and acquire skills. The Teaching Procedures used include:

  1. Effective Praise used to strengthen and reward desired behaviors
  2. Teaching Interaction used to correct unwanted behaviors
  3. Planned Teaching used to teach new skills and help prevent problem behaviors from occurring
  4. Intensive Teaching used as an intervention strategy to help youth manage their anger
  5. Problem Solving used to help youth learn to solve their problems in positive ways

Our teachers genuinely care about the social, emotional and educational welfare of their students. Teachers take a unified stance on discipline as well as reward, making the students’ experience at James E. Davis School a consistent one. We focus on three behavioral core values: Respect, Responsibility and Productivity. We strive to make meaningful connections with students and encourage them to see the relationship between their choices, their consequences and their quality of life.

Do you have inquiries about the school?

Please contact the principal, James Stuart and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the James E. Davis School and post-secondary scholarships etc.