School News and Info

Celebrating the success of the youth

The Foundation Scholarships have been graciously funded by friends of the Children’s Home to support current and past residents of IUMCH in their pursuits to improve their career prospects through post-secondary vocational or academic education. Since the establishment of the scholarship opportunities in 2019, we have awarded out numerous scholarships to aid in post-secondary adventures.

If you are a past resident who was successfully discharged and would like to apply for an academic scholarship, please call Elicia Cooper at 765-894-8106 or via her email below.

Continuous learning plan

Helping students learn at their own pace

The continuous learning plan at the James E. Davis school is a model of instruction that can occur at any time. Students can independently self-pace their learning once teachers share the educational resources. The State of Indiana has required this due to the numbers of schools having to go to e-learning as a result of COVID-19.

Do you have inquiries about the school?

Please contact the principal, James Stuart and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have about James E. Davis School and post-secondary scholarships etc.