Giving Priorities

There are many ways you can support the projects and programs of the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home through the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home Foundation, Inc. The Foundation provides donors with several options to focus their giving to the Children’s Home.

General Operating Fund

The General Operating Fund is the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home’s most critical annual fundraising effort. Unrestricted gifts help the school meet expenses that recur each year, such as:

  •  Student Psychological Services
  •  Arts
  •  Athletics
  • Innovative Learning Programs
  • Spiritual Development
  • Financial Aid for the James E. Davis School Students

Some donations to the General Operating Fund can be given as restricted gifts, meaning a gift is earmarked for a specific department or program.

Special Interest Giving

The Children’s Home is a loving, nurturing, and caring community composed of many parts, and we treasure the diversity of passions represented on our campus and through our Teaching Family units. To ensure that your General Operating Fund gifts align with your wishes, you may elect to support one of the following areas of need:

  • Academic Programing – to support nurturing learning environments, challenging curriculum, exceptional teaching and psychiatric support for children.
  • Spiritual Development – to promote and encourage young adults to develop their own spiritual identity through our successful spiritual development program at the Chapel.
  • Sciences – to support inquisitive and innovative science, technology, engineering and math programming at the James E. Davis School.
  • Arts – to deliver the unique therapy that the arts provide troubled youth by equipping our staff with the best resources to assist in our kids’ rehabilitation.
  • Athletics – to cheer on our remarkable athletics program, which encourages personal growth through team-building, healthy physical challenges and wellness education.
  • Faculty Development – to inspire our faculty and staff by facilitating personal and professional growth throughout professional development.
  • Financial Aid – to make available scholarships for day students at the James E. Davis School through our need-based financial assistance program.

Endowment Giving

An endowment is like an investment account; the balance is not touched so that the endowment principal produces dividends or interest for a purpose you determine.

An endowed fund acts as the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home “savings account” from which we draw a percentage of the fund’s interest income to support the annual operating budget, including student financial aid.

Endowment giving is both timeless and limitless. Gifts contributed to IUMCHF’s endowment fall into two categories:

General Endowment Fund—gifts that have no limitations. This fund is important as it gives the Home maximum flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the institution.

Restricted Endowment Funds—these funds support specific programs such as spiritual enrichment, staff development, arts, and need-based financial aid at the institution.

Gifts In-Kind

Gifts of personal property are appreciated and accepted by the Foundation as long as the property is needed and can be used by the Children’s Home.  The IRS states that a gift must be evaluated first by the Home to determine if it “fits the mission” of the organization.

If it can be used to benefit the Home or its youth, it will qualify as fitting the mission of IUMCH.  Acceptable gifts are those that can be used or sold by the school with minimal cost or upkeep.  If you have a question about what personal property the IUMCH will accept, please contact the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home Foundation at 317-775-0606 or

Matching Gifts

Double or triple the value of your gift to the Children’s Home Foundation and move into the next foundation giving level with a matching gift! Many companies offer programs that match charitable donations made by their employees, directors, employees’ spouses, or retirees. Such programs typically match all or a percentage of the donation, making the employer a partner in the donor’s personal philanthropy.

If your employer has a matching gift program, simply obtain a matching gift form from the human resources office, fill it out, and send it to the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home Foundation at 317-775-0606 or

Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; E.I.N. 35-0877-578. To the extent that is allowed by law, your gift to Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home Foundation, Inc. is tax-deductible.